0% finance:


0% finance

Why put up with a smile that you’re not happy with - and that actually reduces your confidence - when it’s so easy to fix? A set of healthy white teeth says a lot about your health, your personality and your self-esteem.


Here at swiss smile we know that no matter how reasonable the cost, not everyone can afford to finance their dental treatments out of their normal budget. However, that doesn’t mean that such treatments are out of your reach.


Our finance plan is a great way to plan and pay for your treatments. You can plan your course of treatment over a period of time that suits you – and finance it with an interest free loan. It’s very simple and fast to arrange.


swiss smile 0% finance covers everything from cosmetic dentistry to root canal work and implants. If you’re in need of restorative dental work we’ll sit down and work out the best timetable for you. And if you’d like to include cosmetic work as well, we’ll make sure that all treatments work together, to make sure there are no sensitive reactions, as can happen with treatments of different kinds.