swiss smile Kids

At swiss smile we believe that your child’s experience of dental care should be stress-free, fun and educational. After all, a child with healthy teeth and gums is more likely to have healthy teeth and gums as an adult.


Our research indicates that parents who teach their children the importance of daily brushing, and take them regularly to the dentist, end up spending a lot less money on their children’s teeth than those who neglect it.


At swiss smile Kids we have developed unique methods of helping your child overcome any fears he/she may have when visiting the dentist. Our child-friendly clinic has been specially designed to meet the needs of our younger patients, and our dentists have been specially trained to educate children about dental care in a way they can understand.


Above all, we believe that we offer the highest standards, and the most modern techniques, at a price that competes very favourably with your average high-street dentist.